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Maple Laminate Display - Discounted

Standard black panels and connectors customized with maple WilsonArt laminate.

Price : $1,750.00

In stock


This deeply discounted display includes overstock maple laminate panels for a customized display look. These WilsonArt laminated panels are used with your choice of standard black or ivory panels. You can build a 10’Wx8’H display wall or a 2’x2’x8’H Square Tower. You can also build several different table top displays.

Display Includes:

12 – Laminated limber Maple salts with no slats
12 – Standard Black or Ivory Panels with six slats each
17 – Full Hinge Connectors
12 – Full Straight Connectors
  9 – Side Connectors
  6 – Top Hinge
  3 – Top Straight
  3 – Corner

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 26 × 8 × 29 in